Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coin (XF)


Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coin (XF)

Mint MarkVaries
ManufacturerUS Mint
Thickness1.59 mm
Diameter21.6 mm
ConditionExtra Fine
Face Value$5
Issuing CountryUnited States
Obverse DesignerChristian Gobrecht
Reverse DesignerChristian Gobrecht
Edge DesignReeded
SeriesLiberty Gold Half Eagle
Capsule Size21.6 mm
Packaging TypePlastic Flip
Metal Weight.2418 Troy Ounce
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Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coin (XF)

Although a variety of historic gold coins survived the collection efforts of the federal government in the 1930s, the total number of coins is extremely limited. Investors, collectors, and history buffs alike clamor for these coins when they are available. Today, We are proud to offer Pre-1933 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coins to our customers.

Coin Highlights:

  • Contains .2418 ounces of pure gold.
  • Issued with face value of $5 (USD) by the federal government.
  • Designed by Christian Gobrecht.
  • Available in Extra Fine condition.
  • Ships in plastic flips.

The federal government collected all gold coins in circulation starting in 1933 to melt them down into gold bars. The drive was an effort to bolster financial reserves for the nation amidst the Great Depression, and its effect is felt today in the rarity of Pre-1933 gold coins for collection.

On the obverse side of each coin is Gobrecht’s image of Lady Liberty. Inspired by a Benjamin West painting entitled “Omni Vincit Amor,” the design features Liberty’s head in a left-profile portrait. Her crown contains the word “Liberty,” while she is surrounded by engravings of the year of minting and 13 stars.

The reverse side of each coin bears the heraldic eagle, a popular symbol on American coins to this day. In this early depiction, the eagle is featured with its wings spread wide and a shield on its chest. In one talon it clutches arrows, while it holds onto an olive branch in the other. “United States of America” and the coin’s face value are engraved on this side.

The United States Mint struck these Pre-1933 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagles between 1839 and 1908, with two minor variations in design occurring during this period. During its production run, the mints in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Carson City, New Orleans, Denver, Dahlonega, and Charlotte all contributed to the coining process.

Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coi Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coi Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coi Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coi Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coi


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