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Bouton d’or pendant and detachable clip

Bouton d’or pendant and detachable clip

Bouton d’or pendant and detachable clip, 18K yellow gold, chrysoprase, onyx, round diamonds; diamond quality DEF, IF to VVS.

STONE: Chrysoprase: 12 stones

STONE: Diamond: 57 stones, 1.46 carats

STONE: Onyx: 9 stones

Hallmark clasp, small model and pin back for clip in 18K yellow gold
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Bouton d’or pendant and detachable clip



A stone of extraordinary brilliance, the diamond takes its name from the Greek adamas, meaning “indomitable,” a fitting descriptor to express this mineral’s exceptional properties. Van Cleef & Arpels lavishes all its expertise and High Jewelry savoir-faire on this remarkable stone, to produce dazzling jewelry creations including solitaires, as well as the Snowflake and À Cheval collections. Diamonds also embellish many of the Maison’s timepieces, such as those of the Cadenas® collection.

A pure carbon crystal, the diamond has wielded its tantalizing charm in various eras and civilizations, thanks to both its qualities of resistance (the diamond is the hardest of all precious stones) and the way it reflects light. In Tibet, it was said to lead the way to the path of truth. In the Hindu tradition, diamonds captured the light of the sun. Ancient Greeks considered these stones to be tears of the gods, while the Romans saw them as fragments of stars.

Perceived over the ages as a symbol of heroism or a lucky charm ensuring peace and good health, this precious stone denotes protection, purity and immortality. As a gift to a loved one, it bespeaks the power of emotions.


Onyx is among the most sought-after ornamental stones in jewelry-making: with its fine texture and rich, deep black color, it has stood out as a prized gem since Antiquity and was particularly stylish in 1930s Art Deco jewelry. Van Cleef & Arpels uses the black tint of onyx to set off the sparkle of diamonds and the gleam of gold, particularly in the Alhambra® and Rose de Noël™ collections.

One variety of onyx features white bands or veins on a black base; if the structure is made up of uniform layers, it can be transformed into stunning cameos.

The Maison predominantly works with Brazilian onyx due to its superior quality, as well as its brilliantly reflective mirror-like surface. To create its pieces, Van Cleef & Arpels selects only the purest stones presenting the most intense shade of black. Lapidaries often strive to harmonize the colors of onyx gems; each expert has his own techniques to achieve the perfect hue.

To protect this stone from damage or scratching, the Maison recommends storing onyx pieces in a fabric-lined box separate from other jewelry.


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