• 1000 Oz Silver Bars for Sale
  • 1000 Oz Silver Bars for Sale
  • 1000 Oz Silver Bars for Sale
  • 1000 Oz Silver Bars for Sale

1000 Oz Silver Bars for Sale


1000 Oz Silver Bars for Sale

1000 oz Silver bars are popular with silver investors and those seeking to own silver at low premiums and stored in secure vaults. They attract a much lower premium than smaller silver bars and coins and are particularly favored by pension, high net worth, family office and institutional clients.

The silver 1000 oz bar weighs just over 31.1 kilos, containing 31,007.2 grams of pure silver if the bar is .999 fine. A .9999 silver bar contains only a tiny amount more silver at 31,010.0 grams so that investors do not distinguish between 0.999 or 0.9999 silver bars.

Benefits of 1000 oz Silver Bars

  • Silver bar has roughly 1000 oz (between 930 and 1,080) of at least 0.999 fine silver
  • Silver bars from leading LBMA approved refineries
  • Trusted refineries: Perth Mint, Royal Canadian Mint (RCM), Engelhard, Asahi, Johnson Matthey, PAMP, Heraeus, Metalor, Umicore
  • Silver from GoldCore is sales tax-free in the U.S.
  • Competitive pricing and premiums
  • Insured, express delivery throughout U.S.
  • Efficient for stacking and private silver bullion storage
  • Store in high-security vaults in safest jurisdictions
  • Private, non-digital, hackproof, private proven safe haven
  • Portable, internationally liquid form of financial insurance
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1000 Oz Silver Bars for Sale

The 1000 ounce silver bar is produced purely for investment purposes, the ideal medium to accumulate large quantities of pure metal at a lower cost. In fact, its low premium makes it possible to buy a maximum number of ounces of silver at an attractive price. It is also the format preferred by manufacturers.

Less aesthetically refined than smaller ingots, these large cast bars are optimal for those looking to invest solely in metal, with no preference for a particular design or refiner.

In order to ensure consistent availability and competitive pricing, we cannot predetermine the brand of bar that will be assigned to you. However, all 1,000 ounce bars sold on our site are sourced from LBMA certified refiners (Kazzinc LTD, Royal Canadian Mint, Argor-Heraeus), and thus meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

Each bar is stamped with the serial number, the refiner’s hallmark, the silver purity, and the weight in troy ounces. Note that they do not weigh exactly 1,000 ounces of silver, but range from 850 to 1150 ounces. The exact weight of the bar will appear on your purchase invoice, so you will know exactly how many ounces of silver you purchased, and at what price.

One thousand ounces of silver never come with a certificate of authenticity, but the LBMA accreditation provides a solid guarantee of the bar’s veracity and purity.

Finally, 1000 ounces are bulky and heavy products. By opting for storage in one of our secure warehouses, you eliminate all worries. If you wish to have silver delivered to your home, we recommend that you turn to 1 kg or 100 oz bars, which are easier to handle and to keep in a private safe.

1000 Oz Silver Bars for Sale 1000 Oz Silver Bars for Sale 1000 Oz Silver Bars for Sale 1000 Oz Silver Bars for Sale 1000 Oz Silver Bars for Sale


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