Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coin (Cleaned)


Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coin (Cleaned)

Mint MarkVaries
ManufacturerUS Mint
Thickness1.59 mm
Diameter21.6 mm
Inner Pack25
Face Value$5
Issuing CountryUnited States
Obverse DesignerChristian Gobrecht
Reverse DesignerChristian Gobrecht
Edge DesignReeded
SeriesLiberty Half Eagle
Capsule Size22 mm
Packaging TypePlastic Flip
Package Dimensions0.8 x 0.8 x 0.6
Metal Weight.2418 Troy Ounce
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Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coin (Cleaned)

Please note that we will select coins from years 1839-1908 to fulfill your order based on our inventory.

These $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coins were produced by the United States Mint between 1839 and 1908. With such brief mintage, obtaining one of the few cleaned coins, like the ones in this series, is a rare privilege. Each coin in this collection possesses a gold content of approximately .24187 troy ounces and has been thoroughly cleaned of any residue or debris that may have accumulated on the coin over the years. While the individual condition of each coin will vary, collectors are sure to appreciate seeing them in the best state possible. As a protective measure, all coins have been kept in a plastic coin flip or a sealed tube to maintain their newly cleaned condition.

The front of the $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coin features the “Coronet” design of Christian Gobrecht. This design incorporates many of the aesthetics found in Greco-Roman art and portrays Lady Liberty wearing a crown with her name inscribed on it. A border of thirteen stars surrounds her, representing the original colonies, with the coin’s mintage year appears below her. The portrait resembles those of the ancient rulers’ on early Greek and Roman currency.

The reverse side is stamped with the Great Seal of the United States. This emblem consists of our iconic eagle stretching his wings to their full span behind a shield. He holds an olive branch and a set of arrows in his opposing talons as a representation of our duty to maintain and protect the peace of this country. Due to design changes during its mintage, slight variations will occur in the printed text of each coin. For instance, the “5 D.” underneath the eagle may appear as “Five D.” on certain coins based on their mintage date. Likewise, the “In God We Trust” motto is only displayed on coins struck after 1866.

This $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coin will add both investment and historical value to any collection. To ensure that your order arrives to you securely, we insure all packages against theft, loss or damage. As a courtesy to our customers, all shipping and insurance is provided free of charge.

Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coin Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coin Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coin Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coin Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coin Pre-33 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle Coin


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