Buy 1914 $100 Federal Reserve Note (Fine+)


Buy 1914 $100 Federal Reserve Note (Fine+)

Thickness0.1 mm
Face Value$100
Issuing CountryUnited States
Edge DesignSmooth
SeriesFederal Reserve Note
Packaging TypeArchival Quality Currency Sleeve
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Dimensions187 mm x 79 mm x 0.1 mm
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Buy 1914 $100 Federal Reserve Note (Fine+)

The modern Federal Reserve Note issued by the United States government was first printed and introduced into circulation in 1914. The original Federal Reserve Note release in 1914 used the older large-sized note format and the largest denomination at that time was $100 (USD). Right now, 1914 $100 Federal Reserve Notes in Fine+ condition are available to you online for immediate purchase.

Note Highlights:

  • Arrives inside of a plastic currency sleeve!
  • 1st-ever $100 Federal Reserve Note!
  • Distinctive obverse and reverse designs!
  • Bears a face value of $100 (USD) backed by the federal government.
  • Benjamin Franklin appears on the obverse.
  • Five allegorical figures are depicted in the reverse design.
  • Please note these bills come with the potential for red or blue ink on the serial numbers and US Treasury seals and could match when buying multiples.

Each 1914 $100 Federal Reserve Note listed here is in Fine+ condition. Notes in this condition showcase considerable circulation use with signs of wear and tear that include rounded corners and margin spits. Finer examples in this condition may have less obvious wear and tear, but still present with rounded corners, margin splits, and fold lines. All notes come with a plastic currency sleeve for shipping.

Please note that 1914 $100 Federal Reserve Notes have a few variables that may match or differ from the photo above. For example, when these notes were first issued in 1914, red ink was used for the serial numbers and the US Treasury seal. However, for most of its production life, the 1914 Series note had blue ink instead. Additionally, the Federal Reserve Bank seal on the obverse may vary by the note you receive. Each of the 12 Federal Reserve Bank branches has its own seal printed on the obverse. For example, a 4-D note was released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, but is backed collectively by all 12 branches.

The 1914 Series $100 Federal Reserve Note was the first-ever issue of a $100 Federal Reserve Note. Though it features Benjamin Franklin on the obverse, just as the modern version of the bill does, the portrait is significantly different. More importantly, the reverse design is completely different than modern bills.

Benjamin Franklin appears in right-profile relief on the obverse of the 1914 $100 Federal Reserve Note. His effigy appears here is a unique design that was changed with the new small-sized notes were introduced in 1929.

Five allegorical figures are depicted in the reverse design of 1914 $100 Federal Reserve Notes. This design featured only on this note during its large-sized issue from 1914 to 1928. It depicts male and female allegories representing Labor, Plenty, America, Peace, and Commerce.

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